Monday, October 12, 2009

Joseph's Storehouse and other Biblical Stories

Hello everyone.  This is "Scooter" again.  Not driving today !!  Saw laser light show at Giza Pyramids last night.  Damn cool, except for the flipping tourists taking flash pics, what idiots.  Had to correct them.

Saw Saladeen's (Muhamed Ali, no not that one!) Citadel,  Coptic Christian Church and a crypt where Jesus and family hid after fleeing Nazaraeth.  Now that took MY breath away.  Can't begin to tell what it did to Belinda other than we did not have enough tissue !!  Trying to write this quickly as it is 8pm and we need to get up at 3am for a 6 am flight to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings !  JUST TRY SAYING THAT.   We are in Cairo and headed down the Nile freeking River to The Valley of the freeking Kings.  Holy Schnikey!!

Today went to Joseph's Storehouse in Fayoum. Then on to Memphis, and Sakkara.  Joseph created a 254 mile canal from the Nile to this area to create a farm land and created the first man-made lake and WE SAW THAT!!  Did I say Holy Schnikey yet?  Saw the FIRST pyramid ever built.  It was built by Imnopet or Imnotep (Look it up)  for King Gozer (not the Gate Keeper) and actually went down into a tomb and took some picts.  Post them later.  One of our tour people just handed me this internet card or you would not have heard from us until Saturday at the earliest.  Come to think of it, don't count on hearing from us at all.  Consider yourselves lucky to get these few words.  Great guide, Mido.  Has a Masters in Comparative Religion.  Really nice guy and a wealth of information.  As I said, there are no rules for driving so Cheryl you would do fine here.

OK, mom had her "local" beer and is falling asleep.  I've had one too many desserts, or is that desert?  Going to bed now.  Will be on the Nile until we fly back to Cairo on Saturday to actually tour the Giza pyramids and Egyptian Museum, then on to Goshen on Sunday and then to St. Catherine's and Mt. Sinai.

Take care of your selves...

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