Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Valley of the Kings and Nile Cruise Ship

Whew, we just finished a game of tennis on the roof top lounge of our luxury Nile River cruise ship. OK, so it was table tennis but it's still on a cruise ship on the Nile. Never done that before. A hot day, a DAMN hot day. About 110 we think. But cooler than August they say. Like that's supposed to make it tolerable. Then we go into Ramses tomb and it's not only hot but there is no air. It hasn't been changed in 3500 years!

I wanted to post some pictures here but for some reason I don't get the correct menu.

Anyway, it's hot, it's muggy, it's awesome. We went to the Valley of the Kings and went INTO the tombs of Ramses I, IV, and IX and then the Temples of Hatshepsut and Luxor. Beautiful. Tons of tourists !! Our guide is priceless. He has his Masters in Comparative Religion and just puts this all in perspective. We might as well be looking on the internet at stuff if not for him.

We checked into our Nile cruise ship this afternoon after a wakeup call of 3am in Cairo. Took a 1 hour flight to Luxor and then toured the Valley. Had lunch and a nap until 6pm, then stepped outside to visit the Temple of Luxor. Back about 8:30pm for dinner. Then a game of table tennis and this blog. Sure wish I could post some picts. I have some really good ones. Maybe I'll try Google web album and see if I can put a few there. Let you know if I can.

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